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Our offer includes a wide range of wooden products:

EPAL Pallets 1200X800

  • EPAL pallets according to PN-M-78216

  • license for the production of EPAL pallets since 1993

  • production for export and domestic market

Other types of pallets

  • industrial pallets with dimensions EUR

  • DIN, PC, disposable pallets

  • atypical pallets according to individual orders

Wooden squares

  • wooden squares coniferous, deciduous

  • different cross-sections cut out, different lengths

  • roof rafters, rafters, wooden beam, battens, boards

Products on order

  • complete roof trusses

  • lumber cut to size

  • according to individual orders wooden squares 

  • unusual pallets

  • wooden crates

  • railing


  • coniferous timber of various thickness

  • edged in parallel

  • sawdust prisms, sub-ceiling, floor timber